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The evolution of a model

I take part in a new model magazine, for my very first time =) I am so, so happy, that this oppertunity was given to me.

Thank you Selina and Amity !

Here’s the Link tu the Magazine:

Hope you enjoy it, and bookmark it !

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I did it !

Last sunday, i had my graduation at the Miss Virtual World Model Academy .. and i was so so scared ..

but it seems i have done well, i have passed ! YEAH !

I would like to thank some people, who had helping me: Of course Falbala .. can’t believe how much she showed me, Wicca & Draakje (for giving feedback of the outfits before the graduation), DreamLove (for the first lessons) and of course Reign with her MVW-Modeling Academy .. without i never would step that path  now =)

These were my outfits from the first (bad) try to the Outfit for the Graduation.


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Mission accepted

At the moment i am starting with a new self-challenge, well i do that already a little bit longer, and its even why this blog exists. Modelling is so totally different from that what i do yet in secondlife; i found a great model-school (Miss Virtual World) and there a great mentor and Friend: Falbala. Yet i am waiting for the last class, the graduation-class and i am just a little bit scared about what will happen.


She also gave me a special challenge to practise outfits .. both outfits have the same pants the Jeans LQM metallic black from REDGRAVE (RGP0220002) and should show different scenes.





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Hello World ;)

My Name is Celina and this will be my  fashion blog. I am happy that you have found me and hope you like my outfits and pictures.

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